Career Assistance

Upon graduation, every effort is made to assist you in obtaining a driving job. While we do maintain job placement assistance for all graduates, you must also remember that most employers will also consider previous employment history as well as past driving records and other pertinent factors before a decision is made about hiring you.

Charlotte Truck Driver Training School maintains a policy of personally interviewing all applicants prior to acceptance into training in order to evaluate, as best we can, your overall possibilities in trucking prior to accepting you as a student.

New Drivers entering the industry can expect to earn salaries of 35k and more, starting their very first year on the road. Many trucking companies offer benefits such as major medical, life insurance, profit sharing, rider programs, and much more.

While it would be illegal and unethical for any school to promise you a job following training, every effort will be made to assist you in locating employment following graduation. While most companies hold us responsible for the quality of work, it will be your responsibility to ask the perspective employer to hire you.

A large number of companies that hire Charlotte Truck Driver Training School's graduates have FULL tuition Reimbursement paid over a period of employment


Job Placement for CTDTS Graduates

Local, Regional, and over the road jobs available

CTDTS has 97% Job Placement

Recruiters are on campus every week 3-4 times during school hours

Graduates start work immediately upon graduation!