Trucking Industry

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The U.S. Department of Labor Estimates there will be a shortage of nearly 500,000 new qualified tractor-trailer drivers this year, and several years into the 21st century. Hundreds of thousands of trucks will sit idle this year because of the qualified driver shortage. Trucking companies have become very competitive with higher wages and better benefit packages attempting to hire and keep truck drivers.

North Carolina ranks second in the nation as a leader in the trucking industry. Charlotte, NC, where Charlotte Truck Driver Training School is located, is ranked the sixth largest trucking industrial city in the nation. One out of every ten trucking jobs in the nation is employed in N.C.

Nearly all products are transported at one point by tractor-trailers. N.C. carries everything from crops, textiles and lumber to livestock. Trucks stock 100% of the retail stores in N.C.

The trucking industry overall employs 1 out of 12 American workers. The trucking industry has become less physically demanding with more dynamically designed trucks with the driver's comfort in mind. The U.S. Department of Transportation governs work hours to ensure proper rest and alertness, and establishes the required standards for truck drivers engaged in interstate commerce.

Tractor-Trailer training courses offered at Charlotte Truck Driver Training School prepare you for a truck driving job in the trucking industry, and Charlotte Truck Driver Training School meetings the Federal, State, and local regulations governing the trucking industry. Charlotte Truck Driver Training School is accredited and meets the requirements set forth by the Federal Highway Administration guidelines for training tractor-trailer drivers.