Facilities & Equipment

Our training facility has approximately 6 acres of training area. Classroom and office space with seating capacity for up to 40 students at any one time. There is a large field course with room for straight-line and angle backing with up to 6-8 trucks at a time. The equipment used in our training makes a good mix of that which is common to the trucking industry.

We have single and double axle tractors, vans, and a flatbed, and the tractors are equipped with a variety of transmissions. In other words, we train our students on a variety of equipment, so they will be familiar with the equipment used at different companies.


Up to 180-clock program hours will be provided. At least the following minimum of instruction.

50 hours classroom instruction (includes testing).
50 hours of field instruction.
20 hours behind the wheel training.

hours highway observation. This is broken down into 20 days - either 4 weeks full-time, or 10 weeks part-time.

Grading System

We have attempted to make our grading system both fair and realistic in order to provide a meaningful transcript for graduates and potential employers. The training program is thus evaluated for each person based upon twelve areas that are weighed in importance and an overall is then found by averaging. This method permits even the slower classroom performer to achieve a very good overall score while still providing a good summary of overall achievement during the training process.

All grading is done by computation of percentage with 100% being a perfect score. The following chart lists areas of evaluation and weight placed on total grading.


Field Testing
D.O.T. Written Exam 7% Pre-Trip Inspections 10%
Class/Workbook 2% Coupling/Uncoupling 10%
Safety (Lecture/Instruction) 2% Gears/Highway/Road Test 22%
Brake System Familiarization 3% Straight Backing 15%
Accident Conduct/Reports 2% Backing(45/90 Degree Angles) 20%
Hours of Service Instruction 2% Total 100%
Log Books/Records 5%

Instructor Qualifications

Charlotte Truck Driver Training School has instructors qualified in every aspect of the trucking industry Examples of such would be hazardous materials, doubles, triples, and tankers. There are full-time and part-time instructors at the school, including three full-time licensed DMV third party examiners. The instructors at Charlotte Truck Driver Training School have years of professional driving experience.